Table “T”: think, imagine, create.

Tavar presents Table”T” the first configuration table that allows you to create the space that represents you most.

How Table”T” works: create your look instantly in just 3 steps.

Table”T” welcomes you: sit down and choose the room that you want to customise.
Select the Tavar parquet and choose the wall colour you prefer.
Done! Here is the look you have created. Share it or print in directly.

See how you can create your ideal room with Table”T”.

Have you seen our TV commercial?

This year we planned a national TV advertising campaign inviting viewers to find out about Table”T” at our retailers. The campaign was broadcast in Italy on IRIS, La 5, Top Crime and Mediaset Premium.

Have you seen our press campaign?

In 2014 and 2015 we planned a press campaign inviting readers to find out about Table”T” at our retailers. The advertisements were published in Italy in: Casa Facile, Grazia Casa, Casabella and Interni.