Tavar represents the quality of enduring products.

Tavar makes use of the professionalism and long experience of its technical staff, selecting and offering only the best products.

Values and product certification prove the company’s daily commitment to offering the best product, so that parquet can be a life choice, enduring and reliable.

Processing methods
Tavar products are made following processing and classification methods that comply with the quality standards set by UNI EN European Regulations.
Respect for nature
FSC certification confirms that Tavar uses products which come from forests managed in a responsible way.
"Made in Italy" Quality
The most prestigious collections of Tavar are certified “100% Made in Italy”: the guarantee of choosing high technical and aesthetic quality parquet.

The production area is the heart of Tavar, where almost all the parquet collections are produced.

It is here that highly skilled technicians work to offer you an excellent quality standard every day.

Quality is always something unique and recognisable.

The values of Tavar are respected in every stage of the manufacturing process.

The process begins with thearrival of the raw materials from their respective countries of origin at the factory. Here the process continues with the open-air seasoning, to reduce the moisture content of the material naturally. The next stage is drying, in which the wood is placed in cells or ovens that reduce moisture to about 9%, which according to current European Regulations is the optimal level of seasoning.

Once the wood is stabilised, it can be worked in various ways and subjected to protection and surface finishing treatments. Lastly, after strict quality control procedures, the products are packed and stored in modern air conditioned warehouses in order to preserve their stability and ensure the best final result.

Water and natural
oil-based finishes
Quality control

Tavar’s certificates.

For Tavar, quality is a priority.
This is why many product selections improve on the requirements of European Regulations.

BS OHSAS 18001:2007” certification certifies the occupational safety management system.

FSC Forest Steward Council®” certification certifies the origin of the raw material, the wood, from forests managed in a responsible way so as to respect social, economic and environmental requirements of current and future generations.

The “Parquet Transparency Code” signed by Tavar is the EdilLegnoArredo project which fosters training, a culture of wood floors and professionality in order to ensure the market the maximum transparency possible.

The “100% Made in Italy” certification of some product lines gives an additional guarantee of the highest technical and product quality.

The “Wood flooring CE marking” calls for the verification of certain technical and physical factors. Tavar makes use of an CE accredited laboratory for all the analyses required by the 14342:2005 standard on all its products.

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