The harmony of Stradivari

From the prestigious and “unique” forest of Val di Fiemme – Italy comes Symphonia, the parquet line made with resonant spruce lamellas. The “quarter” cut on the precious and limited spruce trunks dated 150/200 years, the exclusive care for “the raw material” with sound and emotional properties, the absence of any defects (knots, inclusions, resin pockets , ..), allow to obtain a pure and vibrant “rigatino” noble layer created to generate the “soul and heart” of the most famous musical instruments in the world (Stradivari) and a parquet of unique prestige.

Exclusive Parquet

in limited and numbered edition

The finishes

Rosso Antico
50 gloss
Verde Antico
50 gloss
Marrone Mogano
Fumo Antico

The patterns


Tavolato – Plank


Spina italiana 90° – Italian herringbone







Exclusive Parquet
in limited and numbered edition

Technical data

2-layer Planks,herringbones,tiles with “wax effect” finish and surface brushing according to the finish. It is composed of a noble layer of 4.5 mm (nominal) in harmonic spruce from Val di Fiemme and a lower compensation layer in birch plywood. All four sides have traditional male / female or female / female joints and a slight bevel. The collection is available in 6 proposals in a Select “rigatina” choice.

The supplies take place in:
plank in four fixed widths in equal proportion and variable lengths from 790 to 2390 italian heringbone in two widths and fixed lengths tile modules in two fixed sizes.

First choice SPECIAL “rigatina” based on the indications of the European legislation (Tab. UNI EN 13489 for multilayer parquet with interlocking system).

With polyurethane adhesives. All formats are suitable for installation on screed heatings.

Planks and herringbone: 12,5 mm

Tiles: 15 mm

Planks: 50/70/90/110 mm

Narrow Italian Herringbone: 50 mm
Italian Herringbone: 70 mm
Tiles: 445/640 mm

Planks: 790/2390 mm
Narrow italian herringbone: 290/420 mm
Italian herringbone: 470/570 mm
Tiles: 445/640 mm

The plus

High-resistance varnish

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial varnishes

Ideal for underfloor/screed heatings

Natural oil finish

On request

parquet made in italy
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