The beauty of timeless charm.

Materico is the ideal timber wooden floor for all those who love the timeless charm of historical wood floors. The top layer, though not made of reclaimed wood, has been wisely aged by our craftsmen and therefore transmits all the characteristics of reclaimed wood such as saw cuts, cracks and stuccoed knots.

The finishes

Rovere Oak

The patterns


Italian Herringbone


Hungarian Herringbone


French Herringbone


Tavolato (Planks)

Technical data

parquet made in italy

The floors of the Materico collection consist in two-layer elements, composed of a 4 mm top lamella in “aged” Oak coupled with a Birch plywood compensation layer.
The collection includes Tavolati (Planks) as well as herringbone patterns in their respective cutting geometries (Italian, Hungarian and French).
This product line is available in two versions: “Nature”, made with raw Oak, and “Intense”, previously dried off to give the material a warm chromaticity.

Tavolato (Planks): the merchandise is delivered in two widths on request (mm 90 and/or mm 190) and various lengths for the creation of an irregular brickwork/shipdeck pattern.
Herringbones: the merchandise is delivered in fixed dimensions.

One choice: Rustic grade, in accordance with the indications of the European regulation (Tab. UNI EN 13489 for multi-layer wood-flooring with interlocking system).

Tavolato (Planks): with glue, with polyurethane adhesives or floating.
Herringbones: exclusively with polyurethane adhesives and the use of slats (included in the shipment).
All formats are suitable for installation on screed heatings.

Italian Herringbone: 14 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 14 mm
French Herringbone: 14 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 14 mm

Italian Herringbone: 90 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 90 mm
French Herringbone: 90 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 90-190 mm

Italian Herringbone: 600 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 570 mm
French Herringbone: 510 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 1.200/2.200 mm

Tavolato (Planks): male/female on all 4 side
French Herringbone: female/female on top
Hungarian Herringbone: female/female on top
Italian Herringbone: male/female on all 4 sides

The plus

High-resistance varnish

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial varnishes

Ideal for Montessori Method

Natural oil finish

On request

parquet made in italy
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