The imperfection is beauty.

Prestige is the most classic line of all our parquet floors, ideal for all those who seek exceptional quality and aesthetic finesse. This product line has a total of four patterns differing in design: Tavolato (Planks), Hungarian Herringbone, French Herringbone and Italian Herringbone.

The finishes


The patterns


Tavolato (Planks)


Italian Herringbone (90°)


French Herringbone (45°)


Hungarian/French Herringbone (60°)

Technical data

parquet made in italy

Prestige is a product line of prefinished parquet floors in 3 layers, all made of solid European Oak wood and stacked in a cross structure (with grains running in different directions), planed and with a handmade antique finish. Four different models are available: Tavolato (Planks). Hungarian Herringbone, French Herringbone and Italian Herringbone.

The thickness of the floor is 15mm. The finish of the surface, with high-protection coatings, WATER-BASED WITH HIGH WEAR RESISTANCE and antibacterial treatment, is obtained by reagents that give the floor pleasant shades. Therefore, the samples are only indicative and not binding. 6 different chromatic designs are available.

Tavolato (Planks): supplies are delivered in one width and in multiple lengths for the irregular brickwork pattern (shipdeck pattern).
Herringbones: supplies are delivered in fixed dimensions.

Rustic grade, in accordance with the indications of the European regulation (Tab. UNI EN 13489 for multi-layer wood-flooring with interlocking system).

Planks: only with polyurethane adhesives.
Herringbones: only with polyurethane adhesives and the use of slats (included).
All formats are suitable for installation on screed heatings.

Italian Herringbone: 15 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 15 mm
French Herringbone: 15 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 15 mm

Italian Herringbone: 100 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 100 mm
French Herringbone: 100 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 220 mm

Italian Herringbone: 680 mm
Hungarian Herringbone: 700 mm
French Herringbone: 680 mm
Tavolato (Planks): 600/2.200 mm

Tavolato (Planks): male/female on all 4 sides
French Herringbone: male/female on the long sides, double female on top
Hungarian Herringbone: male/female on the long sides, double female on top
Italian Herringbone: male/female on all 4 sides

The plus

High-resistance varnish

Three layers: higher stability

Natural oil finish

On request

Ideal for underfloor/screed heatings

Antimicrobial / Antibacterial treatment

Ideal for Montessori Method

parquet made in italy
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