The ideal prefinished timber wooden floor for renovations

Quality is always guaranteed by TAVAR: the top layer of this collection is made of solid wood glued to a compensation layer that reduces the dynamic tensions of the wood fibers.
The range of the timbers used for this type of parquet flooring favors the most resistant species with natural wood tones.
The prefinished timber floor Contract is ideal for renovations. It comes in a smooth satin-finished version as well as in an always more fashionable brushed version.

The finishes Contract 70

Doussié Africa
Other tree species
Other tree species

The finishes Contract Trend 70


The finishes Contract 120 and Trend 120

Other tree species
Teak Burma
Noce Americano
Other tree species

Technical data

A prefinished 2-layer timber wooden floor, available in two different geometric shapes; the 3 mm (nominal) top layer is coupled with a lower single layer in spruce (or a similar species).
Contract 70 is a so-called “listoncino” in standard dimensions. Contract 120 is 10/11 mm thick, yet it can be up to 1,200 mm long. All elements have tongue and groove joints on all 4 sides and are finished with satin varnish.
The product line Contract is also available in a version called “Trend”, with an additional light brushing treatment and a finishing varnish that creates an oil effect.

Contract 70 and Contract 120: delivered in various lengths.
Requests for fixed lengths must be agreed in advance.

One choice: Select grade, in accordance with the indications of the European regulation (Tab. UNI EN 13489 for multi-layer wood-flooring with interlocking system).

Exclusively with polyurethane glues. Suitable for installation on screed heatings.

Contract 70 and Contrat 70 Trend: 10/11 mm
Contract 120 and Contrat 120 Trend: 10/11 mm

Contract 70 and Contrat 70 Trend: 70 mm
Contract 120 and Contrat 120 Trend: 120/130 mm

Contract 70 and Contract 70 Trend: from 400 to 600 mm *
Contract 120 and Contract 120 Trend: from 800 to 1.200 mm *

* a modest percentage of shorter sizes is possible

Male/female on all 4 sides

The plus

Ideal for underfloor/screed heatings

Product information sheets
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