Tavar’s classics

Solid wood flooring lovers will be spoilt for choice among the various formats of this collection: the classic Lamparquet, the so-called Listoncino, the Listone Solista and the stepping floor. These formats, offered in various types of wood, have maintained their strong appeal to all those who love the natural chromaticity of wood.

The finishes

Altre specie
Altre specie
Doussié Africa
Altre specie
Altre specie
Teak Siam

Technical data

parquet made in italy

Lamparquet: Small planks, with planed and/or grooved counterface.

Listoncino: Medium size planks with counterface.

Listone Solista: Planed solid wood planks, thickness 14 mm. Supplies delivered with unvarying thickness and flatness. The sides are male and female shaped.

Stepping floor: Solid wood strips assembled in rectangular modules. Many small slats form blocks of great compactness, ready for installation. The slats are 14 mm thick, 10 to 22 mm wide and vary in length from 160 to 300 mm for quick and easy gluing installation.

Wooden elements delivered in one width and in various lengths to allow for the so-called shipdeck installation. Requests for single length deliveries can not be accepted.

Two choices: Special and Standard, in accordance with the indications of the European regulation UNI EN (Tab. 13226 and Tab. 13227).

With two-component adhesives, regardless of the subfloor.

Lamparquet: 10 mm
Listoncino: 10/14 mm
Listone Solista: 14/15 mm
Stepping floor: 14 mm

Lamparquet: 40/60 mm
Listoncino: 70/75 mm
Listone solista: 80/90 mm
Stepping floor: 10/22 mm

Lamparquet: 250/300 mm
Listoncino: 300/600 mm
Listone solista: 400/1.000 mm
Stepping floor: 160/300 mm

The plus

Ideal for underfloor/screed heatings

parquet made in italy
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