Montessori Method

To grow physically well, a child must acquire awareness of their posture, develop the ability to concentrate, coordination and motor control, stimulate the ability to memorize a sequence and stimulate the development of wills.

What can a parent do to help him?

It must, for example, prepare a favorable environment for the child’s work.

Tavar floors will allow your child to sit and stand up “from the ground”, according to Montessori prescriptions, in absolute safety and helping the development of “visual and tactile sensoriality” thanks to the different geometric designs and the different surface treatments present.

Children will be able to get off their Montessori beds even barefoot, because it is an antibacterial “made in Italy” parquet/wooden floor, specially designed to guarantee safety for the whole family.

One last suggestion: these floors are beautiful and resistant even to be cleaned by your children following the philosophy of the “great” educator.

On which Tavar collections can the Montessori method be applied?

The Montessori method is applicable to the collections: Bisanzio, Memento, Prestige, Materico, Italy, Liberty, Tratti, Le Spine, Simple


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According to the Montessori philosophy, a fundamental part of a child’s development occurs through sensory stimuli. The environment in which a child grows up therefore has a real educational function in itself.
Wood is a resistant, warm and welcoming material. In addition, Tavar antibacterial paint ensures your child and family to grow up in a healthy environment.
Did you know that in Italy Gonzagarredi Montessori (GAM) is one of the four companies in the world producing wooden Montessori educational material under the supervision and approval of the International Montessori Association (AMI)?