Since 1985, the history of Aertecnica has been built on the concept of a clean world: “think clean” is the company and life philosophy, shared for the well-being and health of all.

In 1985 he began the design and construction of centralized extraction systems capable of eliminating dust and ensuring greater healthiness of the environments in which we live, work or otherwise spend most of our time.

Aertecnica responds with its technology to the indications provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), distinguishing itself as a company sensitive to environmental dynamics, through its continuous research aimed at the well-being of people. Attention to health and the environment is realized through constant technological research: all this gives rise to TUBÒ, the perfect synthesis of the most up-to-date technological solutions available today.


  • Comfort to live and well-being to breathe: having an innovative and multifunctional air management system such as Tubò at home allows you to eliminate all dust and substances that contribute to indoor pollution from the air in the house. Thanks to Tubò, reaching and perfectly cleaning all the surfaces on which they are deposited is quick and easy because the lightness of the tube allows it to work vertically as well. And with the air finally clean, the house becomes a place where you can breathe healthy and rediscover a state of physical and mental well-being.
  • Wellness and comfort with a system that is worth more than a thousand functions: An innovative system, designed to ensure clean air inside the home and be comfortable and functional thanks to the suction method that conveys the dust directly to the outside.
  • The Tubò centralized suction system, consisting of floor pipes, wall sockets and a central suction unit (located outside the domestic premises) avoids the recirculation of dust in the environment (as happens with traditional vacuum cleaners), guaranteeing free air from allergens, in every corner of the house. For total comfort that makes the air of the house cleaner air, like being outdoors