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Tesero, May 12, 2021

“Ciresa, the resonance wood”
The Red Spruce from Val di Fiemme has exceptional acoustic properties, recognized even in the 17th century by the most famous violinmakers of Cremona, Amati, Guarneri and the great Stradivari.

ciresa val di fiemme partner tavar

The Ciresa Company, founded in 1952 and not by chance based in Val di Fiemme, has focused its core business on the selection and processing of the resonance spruce, relying on it traditional skills. The firm produces tailor-made soundboards for thousands of stringed musical instruments and supplies luthiers all over the world. Unique in Italy (there are only three factories in Europe), it is recognized as the most important and competent firm in this field and supplies over 65% of the piano factories across Europe.
The music ripened inside these spruces, grown for over 150 years in the forests of the Dolomites, reaches the stages and the soul of people who get excited at every concert all around the world.

The tradition and the history, that enhance the company’s work, has not interfered with the development of innovative projects based on wood and music. A first international patent of 2007 concerns precious natural acoustic loudspeakers, Opere Sonore, used in place of the standard loudspeakers. Pieces of art, they are real vibrating soundboards that play like in a “home live concert”.
In the time, we have received many signs of appreciation from very important connoisseurs. Among them we can mention the Opera Sonora personalized for Michael Schumacher (Ferrari champion at the time), or the excitement of Maestro Andrea Bocelli, who describes his auditory sensation in his country house in Tuscany as “…listening is always live and music has depth, it has a soul, like in a concert hall”.

Recently the Ciresa company has also patented and introduced in the market Resonance Piano, the piano without strings. Its sound is based on the vibration of the soundboard, as in the traditional pianos, but it is a multifunctional instrument compatible with the use of any keyboard and capable of amplifying any instrument connected to it in a natural way.

ciresa val di fiemme partner tavar
ciresa val di fiemme partner tavar

The exclusive collaboration with TAVAR, which embraces the meaning and the qualities of our resonance wood, aims to create floors and panellings of great charm and value. Let yourself be enveloped by harmony, with wood that plays, to give back a natural soul to the music you like to listen to at your home.