High quality parquet flooring

Tavar life style is the products quality that stand the test of time.

Our business philosophy as well as our product certifications testify to Tavar’s daily commitment in offering only the best products. Since a wooden floor is a choice for life, Tavar does everything to ensure the longevity of your product.

Manufacturing methods
Tavar products are manufactured and classified in accordance with the quality standards set out in the European UNI EN regulations.
Respect for nature
Tavar’s certifications guarantee that our products come from forests cultivated in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Quality "Made in Italy"
Tavar’s most prestigious collections have a “100% Made in Italy” certification which guarantees parquet flooring of the highest technical and aesthetic quality.

Tavar’s manufacturing area is the heart of our company. Almost all of Tavar’s timber/wooden floor collections are produced there.

Our highly skilled experts work continuously to ensure consistently excellent quality standards.

Quality always stands out and never disappoints.

Tavar’s core values are respected at every stage of the manufacturing process.

The processing of the wood begins with the arrival of the raw materials from their respective countries of origin at the factory. Here, the treatment of the material starts by storing it outdoors in order to naturally lower the moisture it still contains. This process is followed by the drying phase or seasoning: the wood is placed in chambers or ovens that lower the wood’s moisture content to about 9% that current European regulations classify as perfect moisture for seasoned wood.

As soon as the wood is dry enough, it can be processed and converted into various shapes and submit to particular protection and finishing treatments. Finally, after a tight and rigorous quality control, the product is packaged and stored in a modern, air-conditioned warehouses guaranteeing product stability.

Project design
Seasoning and acclimation
Shaping (T&G)
Natural Varnishing
Final quality control
After sales service

Tavar’s certifications.

Tavar’s priority is quality research. Therefore, many of our products have standards that are actually higher than those defined by the European Union.

Tavar guarantees that the raw materials we use come from forests that are administered in an ecologically sustainable manner; respects the social, the economic and the environmental needs of current and future generations. Require our certified products.

The “100% Made in Italy” certification of some of our collections gives an additional guarantee in terms of both the highest technical quality and the highest product quality.

The “CE label for wooden floors” (CE stands for “Conformité Européenne”, which is French for “European Conformity”) define the control of certain technical and physical factors. In order to fully comply with the label’s requirements Tavar makes use of a CE-accredited laboratory which – on all Tavar products – performs all of the analyses required by the 14342:2005 regulation.

Careful selection and sourcing of raw materials from FSC®-certified suppliers. Require our certified products.